holistic works / Frequency of Beings

“Enchanting Mood”, Peter Lindbergh, Vogue Italia 1996 // Retouch: Sara Shishkova
mdf, nickel silver,arduino, grass, audio, speakers

The amount of electromagnetic radiation we ‘swallow’ on a daily basis as a generation is immense. The effect it has on us is even more crucial. In an age when electromagnetic waves are spread around every major city on the planet, we risk not only our lives but the future of Earth itself.
A distant fact for most of us is that we as humans generate a certain frequency, an even less known fact is that the Earth generates a frequency too; exactly the same as ours 7.83Hz called the Schumman Resonance. Discovered over 60 years ago, this precious connection is about to be completely distorted by the electromagnetic waves in our surroundings generated by mobile phones and other wireless devices.

With this installation I am trying to present the current relationship we have with each other, the Earth and ourselves. Using an image first printed in Vogue Italia 1996 by Peter Lindbergh, I aim to use fashion as a metaphor for the mediocrity our society has developed, and how unacknowledged most of our problems stay as long they are not reaching the surface.
The lines represent the connections between different parts of our body, how those connections build up a structure around us, which supports us, and give us a feeling of physical and mental stability.

By using a very low sound, the ‘structure’ and the image get distorted, embodying the current condition of our reality. By getting in touch with nature though we can stop that distortion and hopefully reverse it. Getting back in tune with Earth, getting back in tune with our self.

Team Credits

Sara Shishkova

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