holistic works / Synaesthesia

Audio 1: The sound of Fashion (Industrial sewing machines recorded) // Audio 2: The classic Theremin sound
fabric, leather, wool conductive thread, graphite

Does fashion captivate us only by its color, shape or texture? Is there anything else to it? Is there something else hidden in the layers of fabric we wear on daily basis? Fashion has been obtaining many different forms in the past years; crossing the borderline assigned to it for centuries; fashion has served as a medium for artist in many different spheres of art.
Using sound as an allegory, I want to introduce our ambiguous relationship with fashion. Presenting the conversation that the fashion industry has with each and every one of us. And the strong influence we have on the progress of fashion.

Using a Theremin sensor, and items of clothing, which represent the conventional side of fashion, this installation gets triggered by human presence. Once a presence has been detected the installation starts “communicating”.


Sara Shishkova

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