Home of CSI: Extreme Clean

  • Jemma Collins
Home of CSI was a campaign we did to promote crime shows, such as CSI, NCIS, CSI NY, CSI Miami, in a light hearted manner on TVH!TS we shot a series of short funny channel idents.

Lead by Senior Promo Producer Stefanie Reinboth who came up with the script and directed the shoot.

I attended the shoot giving pointers on shots that we could use to add type and graphical elements into the idents. After the shoot I used Red Giant Colour Suite to heavily Grade the different shots to mimic that of the crime shows in an over the top manner.

This shot was to be graded like the science labs in CSI. Clinical blue lights etc. The end shot was to be graded like a normal family home to juxtapose and reinforce the humour.