HOMEBASE - Bring the beat back to your kitchen

  • Glynn Waltham
  • Manish Patras

Challenge: To get people to buy kitchens from Homebase after lockdown. Insights: People have come together through music during Quarantine- for example Italians playing music from their balconies. The kitchen is the beating heart of every home. Big idea : Bring the beat back to your kitchen.

In Store
When people go to stores they will be able to create music themselves with interactive kitchen ranges.
Each kitchen appliance will act as an instrument.


Redesigned to replicate Spotify, the kitchens will be divided into genres.
Direct mail
Customers interested in store or online will be sent direct mail about the offers Homebase have to offer such as 0% interest credit. The mail can be played on a record player, playing kitchen beats.
Getting a kitchen fitted can get loud. Homebase will send it's customers noise cancelling headphones along with a loud Spotify playlist to drown out the noise of kitchen kitchens with the sound of sweet music.
Party invitation
Once your kitchen is built it's time to show it off. Customers will be able to send a link to their friends allowing them to add their beats for the special date. A fun way to invite your friends to your kitchens' beat.