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I was asked to research and write an article on a selection of New-Year's Resolution-fitting courses.
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Winter Warmers
There are plenty of ways to warm yourself up during the dark and chilling winter months, and several alternative to slouching on the sofa, watching that darned Christmas movie for the fifth time, or demolishing the Christmas leftovers. James Wormald has a few alternative course options to get you out of the house, warm your body and brighten your soul.
Let’s Dance
Fancy putting some heat back in your week with a dance class? Why not hotfoot it to Morley College - they offer an 11-week course to help you master the Cha Cha Cha, Salsa, Rumba and Merengue (15 Jan/11 weeks/£51).
If you just don’t have the time but simply must go to the ball, why not sample a done-day intensive course like Salsa (23 Jan/11am-4pm/£32), or try Tango (6 Feb/11am-4pm/£32). Morley College also offers dance classes in Bollywood (15 Jan/11-weeks/£76) and African Caribbean styles (15 Jan/11 weeks/£76). St Francis Xavier Adult Community College offers introductory Lindy Hop, Modern Jive, Salsa and Tap classes (17 Jan/10 weeks/£60-£75). Or if you don’t regret that second mince pie, you might enjoy Belly Dancing (15 Jan/12-weeks/£90) at South Thames College.
Arts and Crafts
Too much time spent with out parents, playing with the kids’ new toys and watching The Snowman (again) means we all regress a little over the festive period. Why not keep that wonderful feeling alive by enrolling on one of many arts and crafts courses across the capital?
Making Your Own Waxwork: Face/Head (23 Apr/4 weeks/£225), run by City Lit, is an interesting choice. If you feel like you need an extra scarf for the commute you could try a Nuno Felt Making course (22 Jan/3 weeks/£160) at the Mary Ward Centre. Or head down to The Make Lounge to sample a crafty class, including their Winter Shift Dress course (Jan and Feb/2 sessions/£74). Alternatively, if your bank balance is feeling the heat instead of you, you could always join Stitch London. They hold events across London, teaching beginners how to knit - for free!
Comfort Food
Has Christmas entertaining and endless Come Dine With Me episodes finally forced you to up your game in the kitchen? Continue the theme of eating, drinking and making merry with a foodie course to warm you from the inside out.
There are plenty of evening classes around the capital to indulge your appetite well into the new year. The Institute, based in north London, offers up their Tender Loving Cooking course (15 Jan/10 weeks/£160) for London’s budding chefs, aimed at enthusiastic beginners. Why not spend the weekend baking bread with Saturday Baking - Simply Bread (12 Feb/1 day/£5-£24), run by Westminster Adult Education Service? Nothing gives your cheeks a rosier glow than a hearty red. The Wine and Food Appreciation: Know your Wine course (18 Jan/3 weeks) run by St Francis Xavier College should do the trick.

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