How do you lubricate joints and muscles?

  • sherly sylvia

Peak bone density is thought to occur sometime in our early 20s, which means focusing on bone health becomes even more important as we reach adulthood. A sedentary lifestyle, too much time spent indoors, a diet full of processed food, and stress can all have a negative impact on joint and bone health. To remedy this, it’s important to engage in forms of weight-bearing exercise, to consume enough calcium and vitamin D, and to spend time outdoors, as the vitamin D from the sun plays an important role in how much of it we can absorb from food. Whilst we’re thinking about food, it’s important to consider gut health too. We can eat all the organic, bone-healthy foods we like, but if the gut can’t absorb it due to common issues like leaky gut, colitis or IBS, we could still be deficient in key nutrients. As well as opting for bone-building foods (which you’ll find below), focus on good quality probiotics from sources of yoghurt, sauerkraut, kefir, miso, and prebiotics from almonds, bananas, leeks and onions.

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