How to breathe new life into your interiors by Matilda Goad and Laura Jackson

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How to breathe new life into your interiors by Matilda Goad and Laura Jackson

Laura Jackson and Matilda Goad have many strings to their bows; Jackson is a broadcaster and founder of Hoste; Goad is a creative consultant, stylist and product designer to her eponymous homewares line. Both share an obsession with interiors and their eclectic, colourful homes are a natural extension of their personalities and styles– championing spontaneity and all things scallop-edged.

‘We are like-minded design obsessives,’ says Jackson. ‘We just love to chat about interiors and design and get the same thrill when we find an amazing piece on eBay or discover a cool new brand,’ adds Goad. ‘Laura and I met at London Fashion Week at a Shrimps dinner I had designed and have been sharing ideas and images back and forth ever since.’

If their Instagram accounts are anything to go by, they’ll make you want to rip up the Scandi rule book and add pops of colour, clashing prints and plenty of originality to your home. Here, they share their words of wisdom on how to get creative with your interiors.
Layer it up

LJ: ‘Interiors are like getting dressed. It’s about adding those layers, finding clothes that suit you, keeping it simple and letting your style evolve. You need to give it time and let it breathe. Experiment and make a mood board, fabric swatches, pull out images from magazines and make a collage like you would at school. Seeing all those colours together on a mood board will allow you to see if it works or doesn’t work.’

Don’t be scared of colour

MG: ‘Colour can be quite daunting, particularly since we have come out of the Scandinavian white-on-white-on-white trend. Now we are seeing a lot more maximalism, prints and colour. The best thing to do is add little by little, injecting bits of colour like a bright bedspread or the framing of the art on your walls. Instead of a traditional brown wood or black frame, use red or yellow to brighten up a room. Sometimes a love of colour isn’t using tonnes of it, it’s all about being considered.’

Explore more

LJ: ‘Make dates in your diary to get inspiration. My husband and I decided to go to Belgium to visit the modern furniture design fair there and have a little look around. We didn’t put any pressure on it, but we came back with a really nice shell light, which I love. You have to make a bit of effort to go out and find things. They won’t come knocking on your door.’

Brilliant corners

MG: ‘I think it is important to look at a room in sections. It’s great to have an overall view of a room to make sure everything flows and fits together, but equally you want to focus on little areas to have a sweet little lamp or table. I’m always encouraging people to buy sconces where you would have a candle and to put them in a dull corner where you would sit with a book. Rather than having beautiful things in obvious spots, it’s nice to cheer up neglected corners, and by looking at areas in blocks you can really see that.’

Let the light in

MG: ‘I love lighting, and I think it makes a room. I spend my life switching things on and off, but I think lots of lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and any lamps are very atmospheric. I love atmosphere and comfort. Those are the most important things in a room for me.’

Embrace your online community

LJ: ‘Instagram is great for sharing ideas. It makes the world a smaller place, you can connect with likeminded people, follow the accounts you really like and hone in your interests and hobbies. I like that people are very open and want to share on Instagram – it is very collaborative. Even though there can be negative effects to social media, when you are talking about style and interiors, that world is a fun place to be, like a community. If I want to find something, I shout it out on Instagram and people will always get back straight away.’

Inspiration can come from anywhere

LJ: ‘I think it is incredibly inspiring and eye-opening to travel as much as possible. Everyone always laughs at me and says I’m always away, but I always make a point of going somewhere new. I’m going to Morocco at the end of the month and I can’t wait, I want to decorate my bathroom so I know that is going to be great inspiration for that; lots of colours, interesting textures and textiles I wouldn’t ordinarily put together.’

MG: ‘It’s important to have various references. I love Pinterest, but it has a certain look and aesthetic, so try to look outside of your usual frame of reference and add in something unexpected. I love looking at movies and keeping my eyes open. You can come across a colour combination or a material in unexpected places. I have bits of fabric forever pinned to my walls in constant rotation. This can allow you to sit with your taste and to see if it’s something you won’t tire of.’

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