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Hypothetical documentary concept. In a world of excessive anxiety and stimulations we look into the philosophy of Costa Rica to see how they celebrate life through their empowering mindset and lifestyle. "If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” - Lao Tzu. The people of Costa Rica use a saying ‘Pura Vida’. This is a national expression which is used at any point of the day and in any given situation. In an attempt to translate it means that things are not just fine, good or great but on a higher level, which is Pura Vida. This saying is not easily translated into english as there is hypocognition meaning unable to communicate representations because there are no words for particular concepts. To recognise hypocognition requires a major departure from the re-assuring familiarity of our own culture. This is where a need for this storytelling lyes. Pura Vida implies the existence of a permanent state of mind in which satisfaction with all that we have, who we are, where we are, why we are and how we are is perfectly balanced. Satisfaction is a term we like to use when we've had enough indulgence of anything in our life and this concept is an idea that as a society are not in touch with. In our modern world, satisfaction is something that if you can not see it or is not moderately easy to achieve, it is not in existence. But his way of being is to be satisfied in self awareness and to the observations of life around you. How does a state of mind create one of the happiest countries in the world? An intimate portrait of one man showing us how it is to live by ‘Pura Vida’. We set the scene placing the viewer into the sonic and visual landscapes that give ‘costa rica’ its name ‘rich coast’. The location is a central idea in this film. Soon after we are introduced to Peace. Following his footsteps hearing the crunch on the forest floor we are brought on a personal journey to his favourite places of untouched natural beauty. Creating portraits of him adventuring across these visually attention demanding locations of volcanos, beaches and deep jungle waterfalls. We appear in a town on the Caribbean side of the coast, Puerto Viejo. A reggae infused lifestyle of relaxing charm. Signs with phrases of appreciation to the small things in life hung on trees and in shop windows, a visual understanding of the local way of thinking shown. Surfing and yoga retreats glittered unobtrusively around its coastline, expats and locals living in harmony through shared ideals of community and respect. This is the home town of Peace. Peace visualises the idea of Pura Vida through his way of life. A surf instructor by day, and a fire dancer by night. Peace is a loved and respected man in the community. He is a man of self-sufficiency living in a house he built himself from the surrounding bamboo forest. He trains wild horse tame, climbs coconut trees, handcrafts leather goods and jewellery and rides a motorbike - which he has no licensing nor number plate for and is a. He is of a special origin and is exemplary of the peaceful nature that runs through costa ricans blood. We follow him through his daily life in his humbling home, seeing his relationships within the community, while reflecting on his inner thoughts on what it means to be alive. Listening to his ideas around money & wealth, love & loss, freedom & survival, anxieties & sanctuaries, community & respect and connection to the natural world. Brining themes from the relatable modern world importance to the mind of his giving an alternative perspective of what matters most. We see that not all is easy in this way of life the realities of life in Costa Rica are not all that simple, but through the outlook of Pura Vida positivity shines past hardship. Peace is attached in the images.

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