I can't breathe

Although words largely associated with the murder of Eric Garner in 2014 in NY America by the Police and once more by George Perry Floyd jr who’s last words were the very same 6 years later, within Minneapolis at the hands of police. Another name i would like to high light from the Uk is Jimmy Mubenga whos last words were “i can’t breathe”. He was being deported to Angola. Three G4S officers who got away with killing him in 2010. His only crime was getting into a fight outside a night club, something in which our politicians and back benchers have done far worse without any consequences. He was being choked for around 7-8 mins, We have a racist policy in this country where any migrant who commits a crime sentanced 12months+ is deported ( this was the case here). It highlights the injustice in this country. Many of those on the flight stated him saying “you are watching them kill me”, the various other peoples on the British airlines commercial flight could hear his words, yet how is it that these G4S security guards got away with murder even during a trial before a jury, this highlights institutional racism. I imagine the bias that jury must of held to allow this to happen. G4S has been linked to countless deaths of individuals in their care and the Government continue to hand contracts to them while Boris’s empty words of claiming BLM all the while the countless cases have never resulted in a persecution.

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