"I spent a day experiencing blindness, which made me realise how badly the world is set up"

Article by Kasia Delgado for iNews.co.uk

I’m in the pitch black and my heart is racing. It’s not the kind of darkness that my eyes can adjust to – I can’t see a thing, not a single sliver of light.

My cane, which I’ve been told to move slowly in front of me from left to right, clangs against what feels like a metal gate. I’m seriously worried that I’m going to smack into a wall, so I go slowly.
With my free hand, I reach out to check what’s nearby, touching what might be a tree trunk. Dogs bark as I make my way through what I’m pretty sure is a market stall, rummaging around to find something that feels like an onion. I don’t know if it’s red or white, but I can feel the layers of peel.

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a sensory exhibition set in total darkness