I Wish You Live Forever vol.2

  • Piotr Karpinski

“I Wish You Live Forever” is a set of constructed portraitures on the topics of mortality, passing time, death and rebirth. The subject is sourced from an emotional journey of mine- I think of these portraits as emotional landscapes. Each picture has a different story behind it. It is not always vital who my models were. The aim was to catch my own mental states and emotions and translate them into images using other people as a tool for doing so. Those pictures are about both Them and Me. Those pictures are of Them and about Me.

My work is about Life and Death. I am fascinated by both.
What is always behind the image is a thought. Thoughts behind my photographs are my fascinations, fears and concerns related to existence and its ending. I use photography to record these. See more of my photography on www.piotrkarpinski.com
Photographs were taken using a medium format 6x7“ film camera.