IDEA - A2 Limited edition print commissioned by Corners in Seoul

  • Sarah Boris

I was delighted to be invited to design an artwork by the wonderful studio Corners in Seoul who are master Riso printers as well as also being skilled designers. They invited designers and artists from around the world to each contribute one artwork that is then printed as an edition of 50. All the artworks will be visible at an exhibition called 'Ink Village' in Nancy, France opening on 5 September at Galerie My Monkey. More information can be found here: I will update soon to let you know how you can get hold of the print if you are interested in getting one. I built a custom type for this artwork. Each letter is made out of circles. The artwork is Riso printed in four colours. Riso is a wonderful and unique printed process which comes from Japan. I really enjoyed experimenting for this artwork and I am very grateful for Corners team for taking on the challenge to print it as it's not as easy at it seems to print flat colours with Riso. Finally I am thankful for this international collaboration which reminds of me of how wonderful the design community can be and why I love creating. It is after all for these human and visual encounters from London to Seoul to Nancy.