If Apple made hotels...

Doing something that matters to you. There's nothing more important. Especially now. This is an article for anyone thinking of how to turn their idea, product or service into a brand that represents their values and the values of their audience... ...and how one of the biggest and most successful companies in the world did it.

Steve Jobs famously made a speech about marketing and branding being less about the products - the physical things - and more about encapsulating a company’s values and ideals.

They did it with ‘Think different’.‍

By dedicating to a particular ethos and not just a product, the apple logo essentially became the badge for any creative type with dreams of changing the world.

It’s a big idea when everyone else expects you to talk about memory and processors.

And as hard as it to believe now - with Apple being possibly the most famous brand in the world - they weren’t aiming for the mainstream.

They were aiming for a certain type of person.

As Seth Godin often drums into his books, podcasts and blog posts - good marketing isn’t about targeting everyone, it’s creating something exceptional, for the smallest viable audience.

Creating a brand. Marketing. Producing content. (Yawn)

I do all those things, but even I roll my eyes when I hear those overused and tired terms.

They’ve become buzzwords, a trend, something we feel we should do and say - often without even knowing why. And what’s starting to happen? Over-saturation.

Everyone had to have a blog.
Everyone had to have a podcast.

Now, everyone has to have a content schedule.‍

Let your purpose define your content

When we talk about content, brand and marketing, what we’re really trying to do is promote our purpose, values and identity.

All for an audience that shares those same things.

Think about what you want people to say about you - your business, your products, your services - when you’re not in the room.

What it is you stand for and what you can do for others.

That’s your content.

Noise. There's so much noise

People obsess over social media - their stats and likes and follows - treating it as some kind of popularity contest.

But really, it’s just a way to distribute your work and reach/engage an audience. That’s it. It’s the 21st century equivalent of taking out an ad in the paper or a huge sign on a billboard.

Just better. And for free.

The trade off? Everyone can do it.

Consistency + dedication + persistence

The not-so-secret, not-so-magical formula.

As with everything, there's no super special way to achieve anything. It starts with a foundation, a purpose, based on values; and continues by talking to that particular group, looking for the same thing.

Being there. Showing up.

With sincerity.

I know, I said something about a tech company and hotels...

So what are you aiming for, how do you know when you have the right strategy to focus and commit to?
Think of this.

If Apple made hotels, dollars to doughnuts you could imagine what it would look like even before setting foot in the place.

You can imagine the experience they'd want you to have, the service you'd receive and probably the kind of stay you'd enjoy.

When you can say the same about your business...

...that's your brand.

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