• Serena Nuhu

In this project, I explored my African heritage through a series of interviews, images, artwork, and prints. Following on from my pre-collection I decided to look at all the different ethnic minorities in London and how there is a lack of opportunity among them. During my research, I looked at the political economy of colonialism in Ghana which led me to look at different currencies worldwide. In my work, you will see the fusion of traditional Ghanaian prints with symbols of currencies. I wanted this project to be a celebration of culture. African culture is rich in colour and textiles which allowed me to have a lot of areas to explore. Taking all the beautiful prints from West Africa and making them more fitting with contemporary fashion. As this project was personal to me, I was able to delve into family archives and learn more about my culture. Traditional wear was a focal point in this project, and it allowed me to experiment with draping fabrics on to the mannequin and play around with print placement. I also looked at the Louis Vuitton Menswear Fall 2021 collection for reference as a few pieces in the collection paid homage to Ghanaian culture. One for example would be the LV Kente cloth that Abloh designed; this piece made me realise that traditional wear can be worn in contemporary fashion which led me on to thinking how I could make traditional Ghanaian print more contemporary.