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I write articles for BuzzFeed Community and illustrate pictures for it. This is a form of blogging that I enjoy creating as it a combination of both my hobbies. It is a time consuming project, not only must I ensure my article read well and include any relevant referencing, I have to also produce a series of artwork too.
"According to research by the University of Missouri, upbeat music boosts your mood. Yuna Ferguson, lead author of the study, notes that if you are going to put this research into practice then don't over-think it. Being in a constant state of "am I happy yet?" won't help change your mood. She suggests that you just simply enjoy the experience without focusing too much on the outcome. You could compile your own tunes or do what I did and search one up on Spotify: The Happy Playlist."
" Designate one day where you pamper yourself. Whether it's a long bubble bath or trying out a fancy face mask. Use this time to wind down for a bit and to de-stress. Make 2017 a year for self care... spiritually, physically and mentally."
"We all have too much hunger in our eyes come Iftar time but eating too much or even the wrong kind of foods could make you feel worse.
Break your fast with gentle meals such as soup or a small bowl of noodles. Fruit is a great option as it will help replenish all the water and goodness that you were missing out on.
Try planning meals in advance, stocking up on non-perishable foods such as noodles, soup and other packet/tinned items.
Avoid heavy, greasy foods such as fast food, kebabs, mountains of rice... although, once in a while or even in very small portions can be OK - just know your limits.!"
"A friend of mine made a Tinder account for her class on feminist theory. The experiment was to find out how Muslim guys on the app reacted to profiles of Muslim girls.
She received so many matches from mainly non-Muslims but the Muslim guys who she did match with ended up lecturing her on why she shouldn't be dating. Oh, the irony!
- anonymous"

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