Imperial College London - Amazing Masers

  • Martin McGuigan
  • Coline Ritz
  • Daniel Jarrett
  • John Lee

Imperial College commissioned us to ceate an animation to explain the science behind MASERS, which would be exhibited at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition in June 2017. Through the use of real footage and motion graphics animation, we break down what masers are, how they work, and how the use of masers could help our bold astronaut. "Working with Spiel has truly been a great experience! The whole process was made simple and enjoyable by their professionalism and commitment to the task. They were as excited about this project as we were and did a wonderful job. The team were very attentive to our needs and provided a fun and scientifically accurate result! They helped us make a difficult concept accessible to the general public and for that we are very grateful!" -Daphné Lubert-Perquel, Project Manager, Amazing MASERS, Imperial College London

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