In Charge of Communication and PR for Sleediz Records

  • Alexa Ledecky
As part of independent French music label Sleediz Records, I worked on multiple fronts. Two of my main focuses were raising awareness of a new album by Dooley-O, a USA-based rapper and graffiti art addict, and promoting a major live music event, Dirty Safari, via online and traditional media and events management.
A major part of my work included face-to-face, e-mail and phone-based PR, which are difficult to showcase through a visual portfolio. On this project page, I am setting the focus on the graphic design and copywriting material I produced during my professional experience.
To promote the release of Dooley-O's album, I designed and wrote a full press pack, researched and selected strategic international publications, posted the PR material and followed-up to confirm its reception and negotiate publications. I also designed visuals to showcase the single's music video being featured on a French music TV channel (D17).
For the event, I was the link between the label and its sponsors, artists and audience. I also took on some logistic tasks on such as organising two Italian DJ's arrival, driving them from and to the airport and building some elements of the scene's decor. More importantly, I was responsible for digital communication through the label's Instagram and Facebook pages. Before the event, I designed, scheduled and posted promotional content. During the event, I participated in the administration of a live-publication wall that allowed the audience to see their own #dirtysafari hashtaged Instagram photos on a giant screen.
Above: Contents of the album release press pack sent to strategically selected international publications
Below: Closer look at the press release written content
Above and Below: Visuals for the music label's website and Facebook page
Below: Some of the social media posts designed for the event's promotion