IN LAMBETH Play Trailer

  • Karine Alexander

Trailer for the play 'In Lambeth' performed at Southwark playhouse in 2015. In Lambeth is a 1989 play by Jack Shepherd, centred on a meeting between William Blake and Thomas Paine in 1791. Its title quotes from Blake's poem Jerusalem (plate 37, line 14 - "There is a Grain of Sand in Lambeth that Satan cannot find"). It is set against a background of the French and American revolutions. Pursued through the streets of Lambeth by an anti-republican mob, Thomas Paine seeks sanctuary in the garden of William Blake and his wife Catherine only to find them naked up a tree reading Paradise Lost and communing with angels. ‘Out of their encounter, Shepherd’s play orchestrates a fascinating clash between two types of revolutionary: the idealistic visionary and the principled pragmatist.’ Paul Taylor, Independent

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