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Manan Steel is one of the leading and largest Round Bar Manufacturer In India. Also, We Are Round Bars Supplier In India.

Manan Steel is one of the leading and largest Round Bar Manufacturer In India. Also, We Are Round Bars Supplier In India. Many Various shapes and sizes We also produce our Stainless Steel 303 Round Bar as per the needs and demands of our clients.
The Stainless Steel Round Bars a well-liked stainless steel substitute with outstanding machinability and corrosion resistance that can be utilized in various kinds of applications.
Round Bar manufacturer in Mumbai. Our company is renowned for offering premium steel products. We provide a wide range of round bar products in both standard and unique sizes. The business is committed to offering excellent customer service and ensuring its products meet the highest standards. We are experts in ferrous and non-ferrous materials and Stainless Steel, Duplex, Titanium, Inconel, and high nickel alloy. We offer Round Bars of the highest quality with verified certifications.
Steel 303 are cylindrical metal bars with circular sections. Their strength and versatility make them widely used in a range of applications. Stainless Steel Round Bar Stockists in India depending on the material they are made of and the specific requirements of the application, differ in quality and dimensions. Here are some typical round bar properties and dimensions:

Round Bar Manufacturer & Supplier in India – Manan Steels & Metals

We have become one of Mumbai's most popular and rapidly expanding round bar suppliers because of our high-quality round bars, attentive customer service, and in-house round bar production skills. Our round bar area unit is typically imported from more than 56 nationalities.

Round bars' characteristics :

Round bars:

Various materials, including stainless steel Round bars, aluminum, brass, copper, and more, can be used to make round bars.

Round bars come in the following varieties:

  • Stainless Steel Round Bar
  • SMO 254 Round Bar
  • Hastelloy Round Bar
  • Inconel Round Bar
  • Monel Round Bar
  • Titanium Round Bar
  • Alloy 20 Round Bar
  • Alloy A286 Round Bar
  • Nickel Alloy Round Bar
  • Nimonic 80A Round Bar
  • Nitronic 60 Round Bar
  • Invar 36 Round Bar
  • Aluminium Round Bar
  • Tungsten Carbide Round Bar
  • Duplex Steel Round Bar

Engineered products and manufacturing:

Manufacturing of Round Bars: Steel or other metal alloys are routinely formed into long cylindrical shapes using hot or cold rolling processes. After being cut to a given length, the bars could undergo additional processes like surface polishing or heat treatment for increased strength.


Round bars Suppliers: are frequently utilized as axles, shafts, dowels, and other structural elements. They are widely sought after because to their power, tenacity, and adaptability. The bar's smooth, rounded shape makes welding and machining procedures simple.