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What is Single Sign-On?
F60 Host India Top Single Sign-on Service Provider Single Sign-On is an authentication solution that allows users to safely authenticate with numerous applications and websites using a single set of credentials. To make managing a variety of usernames and passwords easier, SSO can be used by individuals, smaller businesses, and enterprises.
SSO operates on the basis of a trust relationship established between an application, known as the service provider, and an identity provider, such as F60 Host.
In Single Sign-On, this identity data is represented by tokens that include identifying details about the person, such as their email address or username.
How Does SSO Work?
A certificate that is exchanged between the identity provider and the service provider frequently serves as the foundation for this trust relationship.In order for the service provider to know that the identity information is coming from a reliable source, this certificate can be used to sign identity information that is being transferred from the identity provider to the service provider.
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Source: What is Single Sign-On? How Does SSO Work?