Indulge in my vanity, 2016

  • Sophie Giblin

Festival Producer, Exhibition Manager, Artist Manager A Cyber Nectar event by Kollektiv Gallery at MEANWHILE GALLERY, Wellington, New Zealand
. Curatorial intervention of The Gaze is Not Something You Have or Use with tryptic video work by Nathaniel Gordon-Stables, accompanied by writing by Laura Duffy and edited by Dilohana Lekamge. In the curatorial intervention of the group show The Gaze is Not Something You Have or Use (It is a relationship entered into) Laura Duffy has created space for an artist she feels deserves recognition, Nathaniel Gordon Stables. Nathaniel isn’t wāhine, he is tangata ira tane as well as takatāpui. The idea of the curatorial intervention was to disrupt the notion of ‘women’, not only in the pre-existing exhibition, but to reconstruct the constraints that ‘women’ has as a category in order to be more inclusive and diverse. Cyber Nectar surrounds ideas of decolonisation: takatāpui in itself has an unfortunate history of being erased within the process of colonisation and the western documentation of Maori culture. This intervention attempts to respect takatāpui and allow them to gain more visibility.