Intermezzo Project for leading German intellectual magazine MERKUR (Est. 1947)

This was a project for the leading German intellectual magazine "MERKUR - Gegründet 1947 als Deutsche Zeitschrift für europäisches Denken (trans. Established 1947 as German magazine for European thinking)" as a Creative Strategist in Berlin. The project included qualitative research, strategic planning, communications execution, event organisation, as well as concept and product design.
My focus in this project were the communicative strategy and the communication concept for MERKUR. The challenge was mainly about translating the intellectual and complex brand identity of the magazine meaningfully into a communication concept that notably aims at reaching and elating a younger audience.
One part of the outcome: I have designed a product with help of a graphic designer - Julia Reimann - from my former university. The product was a bookmark that got hidden in different books from specific authors that have written for the intellectual magazine MERKUR - such as Niklas Luhmann, Jürgen Habermas, Theodor Adorno and many more - at various university libraries across Berlin.
The idea behind it was to surprise students with a branded bookmark while their attention is focused on a specific subject / author. On the bookmark was a captivating quotation from a MERKUR text written by that specific author as well as a link to a landing page where the article (and also other articles) were free for download.
The bookmark consists of two parts: The frame and the inlay that can get pulled out of the frame. The idea behind it was that the inlay can get exchanged and that the advertising part of the bookmark can get extracted, leaving only the frame behing that functions perfectly as a bookmark for reading.
We have also designed and written a book about the project. We acted on the following maxim: For this particular project, desing should only serve the content and not distract.

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    Merkur - Gegr. 1947 als Deutsche Zeitschrift für Europäisches Denken


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