International Women's Day - TPF TALKS with Zula Rabikowska

  • Charles-Henri Mensah
  • Sadie Gains
  • Shilonite Simon-Mathurin
  • Isis Boundy
  • Zula Rabikowska

In celebration of International Women's Day, we were delighted to have Zula Rabikowska speaking at this event. Zula is a Polish-British photographer & videographer based between London and Kraków. Her work explores themes of displacement, belonging and gender identity. At this event, Zula shared some tips on writing funding applications, working as a freelance photographer & balancing personal projects with commercial work. She shared her most recent documentary work, Nothing But a Curtain, a multimedia project which explores womanhood and gender in post-communist countries in Eastern Europe, through portraiture, interview, written testimonies & a collaborative knitted curtain. Countries once behind the Iron Curtain are often reduced to the term “Eastern Bloc," which lumps a diverse population into a homogenous and unrecognisable mass. The Iron Curtain was the socio-political barrier that divided the "West" from the "East" during the Cold War. A selection of the work from this project was on display in the studio during this event. Event photography taken by one of our volunteers, Isis Boundy.