Interview with Musician and Visual Artist Vox

  • Original Magazine

Original Magazine: Hello vōx! Tell us a bit about yourself! Where are you based and what are you currently working on? vōx: Hello Original Magazine. My name is vōx (pronounced 'wokes', the latin word for voice). I'm a musician and visual artist living in LA. I just released my new EP This Body. O.M: How would you describe your art? There appears to be emotional motifs throughout your art and performances. Are these emotions stemmed from personal experiences throughout your life? vōx: Definitely. All of my art is very personal. I began songwriting at a young age when I hadn't yet learned how to express my emotions in a healthy way, and so it's always helped me work through what I'm feeling. O.M: Have you always wanted to be an artist? Was there a point in your life where you didn’t know what journey you were embarking on? vōx: I think I still often don't know what journey I'm embarking on! But I've always wanted to be an artist. I think aspirations are important for growth, but even more important is being open to growing in ways you've never expected. O.M: Your E.P has recently been released (Congratulations, we’re big fans!) how was the creative process for you? It’s a hard time for musicians and performers at the moment due to the pandemic, has this had an impact on you and the way you work? vōx: Thank you! I actually wrote and finalized many of the songs in October 2019, and that November I went to Toronto to complete the production with my longtime collaborator Alexander Vincent. The pandemic has had a huge impact on the way I work. There are positives and negatives. Obviously, the most depressing part is losing the ability to perform in real life. It's important to remember that for most musicians live shows are the majority of their income. Especially artists like me who aren't yet on a big level! Many musicians lost all of their income this year, myself included. On the upside, having so much time at home is unusual for me. I'm often traveling 75% of the year, which I do love. I've gotten back into a quieter headspace with the downtime though, and I'm writing more songs than I have since I was a teenager! O.M: After viewing your OnlyFans page, we can see that you use this in a very unique way, what made you want to use OnlyFans to showcase your art? vōx: I'm certainly not alone in being frustrated with the ways social media both helps and hinders artists. Platforms like Instagram are a sort of evil necessity these days, and growing an audience on them that you then can only reach by paying for ads is the norm. I've been dreaming for a while of a platform where I could commune with my audience without restrictions and in a way that gives both of us a deeper sense of connection. My followers on OnlyFans don't have to worry about algorithms showing only some (if any!) of my posts to them or censorship deleting the content that feels most free and true to me as an artist. O.M: We were lucky enough to see you perform in ROBERTSWOOD presentation during London Fashion Week last year, how did this opportunity come about? Has modelling always been a part of your artistry? vōx: Our connection was so fortuitous! I reached out to them once I knew I would be at LFW, and we found we held a lot of the same reasons for creating our art and were touching similar topics. I've loved modelling since I was a teenager, but I struggled with low self esteem and a lot of anxiety, so I spent quite a bit of my time taking self portraits. It wasn't until my late twenties that I gained enough confidence to start posing in front of other people's cameras. O.M: And finally, if you could offer one piece of advice to any aspiring musician especially going through this pandemic, what would it be? vōx: A key for me is finding peace in the place I am now instead of being frustrated with the things I'm no longer allowed to do. It's not an easy thing to do! Mindfulness can help since it brings you back into the present moment where gratitude lives. It's also been a prime time to figure out what things really matter to me and, for me as an artist, to work on disconnecting my self worth from the things I make. Thank you so much for chatting to us! vōx’s new E.P This body is out now!! ���