Interview with Rachel Wonders

  • Aspasia Zine

We are pleased to share our first interview with London based photographer Rachel Wonders! A.Z: Hi Rachel! How are you? R. W: Hello. I am very very well thank you! A.Z: Could you tell us more about yourself? R.W: I’m Rachel, I live in London and I am a music photographer. I do other music journalism bits and pieces too like chatting to artists about their music and writing about live shows and albums which is so much fun. I have quite a unique photography style which is very soft and floaty and dreamy and colourful and inspired by the 1970s. I am also very fond of flowers and cats. A.Z: What or who inspires your work? You have a very unique photography work so dreamy , and loads of pink colour! R.W: So many things. My work is a cumulation of all the things I love and is quite reflective of who I am I think. The world for me is quite an intense place and when I look back at work I created when I was younger (paintings, drawings, short films, fashion/costume designs, anything really) it all revolves around dreams and made-up fantasy worlds: places I could escape to. I think that that has influenced my music photography work too. I am a very sensitive and gentle person and I love soft colours which has most definitely influenced the way I edit. I also really love the 60s and 70s which inspires me a lot too!!! and I just love music and I love documenting people doing what they love. I have so many wonderful musician friends and they all inspire me very much too. I love listening to them talk about their music and what inspires them and I think that has quite a meaningful effect on me too. A.Z: What are your future plans? And who would you love to photograph next?! R.W: I’d just like to keep photographing shows. If I’m still involved in the music industry and I’m doing what I love then I will be incredibly happy. I would love to photograph Florence + the Machine. They have a tour coming up in November so I’m keeping everything crossed for that. Phoebe Bridgers too! And perhaps a little too optimistic but Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks if they ever tour again one day. Fleetwood Mac have been my favourite band since I was tiny! I’m also hoping to photograph Father John Misty next year he’s another one of my favourites! and I’d also really like to do a tour one day! Glastonbury festival would also be very very cool. Social media: Instagram @rachelwondersphotography Twitter: @rachel_wonders Tik tok: @rachelwondersphotography Facebook: @rachelwondersphotography

CMAT at OMEARA shot for Backseat Mafia
CHVRCHES at Brixton Academy shot for backseat mafia
Gabrielle Aplin and Sheaprds Bush Empire shot for Square One