Experimental typography and layout design for fashion designer Cluny McCullagh. INTGRS, is a tool kit which, using the language, objects and images of fashion facilitates the embodied practice of design. From the layout of the text to the ambiguity of the objects the user is asked to physically engage their body at every possibly ‘reading’ or experience of the kit. Shapes reminiscent of garments are included subtly as starting points of use but ultimately there is no right or wrong way to experience INTGRS. Thank you to Spicers for the paper – Cadi Lilac, Kula Cream, Sirio Translucent, Core Boxboard.

Winner of a 2015 Certificate of Typographic Excellence from The Type Directors Club, New York. Published in TDC61. Exhibited as part of TDC61 in New York, London, Tokyo, Barcelona.

Photography and styling by Dulce Amor.