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Introducing POSSIBLE.com

Published on Feb 28, 2013
Our agency is in the business of people, ideas, and technology. Our goal is to always keep learning, and we saw our site redesign as an opportunity to do something different.

On the new POSSIBLE.com, you'll find content covering our approach, people, locations, work, and more. But you'll also find a less traditional section, hereby known as Quarterly.

Quarterly is a content initiative that will explore larger themes related to our industry and work as an agency. We'll use video, words, photographs and illustrations to share what we're learning, as well as the ideas and stories of the people we're meeting. You can also find regularly updated articles from all of our offices in the Perspectives section.

Our aim with Quarterly is to do more than talk, but listen and act. To keep creating and to share something original. We believe this is the kind of "thought leadership" that's appropriate for agencies in 2013. It's a new kind of fieldwork, and while the terrain feels familiar, in a lot of ways, the territory is foreign.

We're excited to see where it takes us.

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