Iridescence Guidance System

Iridescence Guidance System

This is a collaborative project working in a team of five. The project in finished as a guidance system includes an exhibition brochure with a map, a guiding pattern design.

From the brief, we need to choose a natural process - iridescence. Iridescence is a process that can be easily found on living creatures and many different material. which means that certain surfaces reflect colours depending on the angel of view or the angle of illumination.

As part of our research, some fish use iridescent scales on their sides to orientate the whole group while they swim in shoals. Combining this with further research we did, we decided to create a way finding system which could be applied in an exhibition space - LCC at Green Week Festival.

To support this way finding system we designed a brochure with a map, and time table with the talks and events happening during also in the brochure you will find the different exhibition rooms with information of the artists and their work.

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