ISSUES: Sasha Sanusi. Session 11.

Sasha Sanusi is a statement against sexism, battling the inequalities between genders. I have to say, I just don't get it. I mean, if not a sister or aunt, everyone has a mother. So I don't understand how culturally and politically, people (not just men, but women also) could have the audacity to generalise and think less of women. 
This film takes you through a journey of emotion with colours and visuals that reveal an over all idea of breaking this vicious cycle of injustice. The film stands with the concepts of unity and empowerment, which I believe women should encourage amongst themselves as a catalyst for equality.
You may notice that there is a play on races. Culture is one of the forefronts for sexist behaviour, being passed down generations and creating barriers for societal progress. I'm not condemning cultural backgrounds. I'm suggesting that elements of it to be reconsidered.  As of until now, the "white female" has pioneered in the rights of women, which has in turn created a chain of events around the world for coming steps closer to equality. I feel passionate about the unification of women amongst all cultural backgrounds, as that will be a key player in this messed up game of world equality.

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Eskay Lama
Multidisciplinary Designer and Creative