ISTD 2014: Foreign Accent Syndrome

The brief set by the International Society of Typographic Designers was to gather a complete knowledge about one single thing.

The aim of this publication is to raise awareness within the medical community about the rare and misunderstood disorder, Foreign Accent Syndrome. This syndrome occurs as a result of minor brain damage and causes the sufferer to appear to speak with a different accent.
There are many articles reporting the unusual disorder, yet few of them explain why these people’s accents suddenly change to sound foreign. I discovered that the new accents are not actually “foreign” at all; the unusual speech patterns overlap with the features of known accents and it is the listeners who attach a label to the speech. My concept was to use expressive typography to illustrate and explain the complex syndrome.

The booklet would be part of a series on rare and unusual disorders. The imperfections of the screen printed covers are deliberate as they reflect the imperfections associated with disorders.

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Clara Hancock