‘It is about why you wear it..’

Extreme love and passion for fashion often bring me to ask myself the same questions: why do women and men dress so differently ? Why do we give so much importance to our look? These and a lot more inquiries perplex me. I am sure one of your friends once asked you why you care so much about clothing and why giving so much importance to your style might give an impression of you as a superficial and materialistic person.
The whole argument is not just about fashion, it is more focused on the value of clothing in our society and how clothing plays a part in forming our identity.
The way we dress says a lot about who we are. Today we are continuously influenced by new fashion trends advertised in magazines and on Instagram but despite this the message and attitude each one of us expresses are different. Clothing is in fact a language, a non verbal system of communication and there are different theories developed regarding the importance of clothing. The main question a lot of people try to answer to is: why do we wear clothes?
Most of us think about clothes as a part of our life, something we couldn’t live without, such as eating or drinking. The truth is that the whole argument is much more complicated to analyse. Going back to our ancestors, clothing was a basic human need against external elements.
Man wears clothes and has the great ability to create them and that’s what differentiates him from other creatures in our planet. There was and there is still no culture in which man is not wearing ornaments or any body decoration: let’s think about tattoos, an interesting and meaningful way to reveal things about life and personality. Clothing in the past was also used to give importance and dignity to the person itself, hiding any sexual meaning and trying to be accepted in the community.
In the modern and complex society in which we are living there are many other reasons why we wear clothes. Clothing can be seen as a way to hide our shame, to hide our body or to hide a part of our personality that we don’t want others to see. The main reason is to attract attention to our brand and to communicate messages about our personality and identity to a specific group of people (friends, fans or followers). ‘Dress to impress’ is a significant phrase in this context and it’s really clear, it doesn’t need further explanations. Nowadays the role of fashion is increasing through the enormous and sometimes excessive use of media and social networks as tools for inspiration. How many people do follow fashion brands or bloggers on Instagram? And how many people do read Vogue? I do. And I’ve got a secret dream. I have always dreamed of being Anne Hathaway’s character in the film The Devil Wears Prada . When I stop dreaming and face the truth I realise I cannot afford Prada, most people can’t. So instead of High Fashion Brands and Couture collections people rely on High Street Fashion, Vintage or even homemade clothes to try to create their own unique style, the one that better expresses their essence.
We don’t even realise how day by day clothing manifests our mood and it’s interesting to see the link between style and emotions. I often wear black and now that we are going into summer my alternative is to dye my hair pink to look more colorful. Most people rely on the ‘total black style’ to avoid the stress of matching colours or because they feel better and more confident wearing that one tone that will always fit in every occasion.
“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” — Gianni Versace
Versace is an Italian fashion designer who went beyond the individual items and began to represent a lifestyle through his collections. Even if the journey you are undertaking, to uncover and reveal your personality to the world, is long and difficult, the key is always to be yourself in every situation.

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