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Website Concept
What people want nowadays is experiencing the products they are buying. This process of desiring products starts very early; in fact, it must start with the very moment a client develops an interest in the brand and looks it up for the first time. The surprise factor must be established right away to create customer attachment. The aim is to give the potential client the clearest and most vivid picture of the brands aesthetic, to make it as easy as possible for the client to identify with and admire the brand.
My approach to my ideal website is to utilize the endless possibilities of the digital sphere and create 3D space, a fully rendered (ideally interactive) version of my ideal boutique as I would build it. It will be a place in which customers can indulge in the curated environment that represents the brand.
It must be possible for the client to move around in the space to feel fully in control of how he navigates through the brands world. If achieved, this adds a psychological satisfaction that goes back to the human needs of independency and belonging. That will more likely end up in the client’s decision to making a purchase.
Originally, the goal was to make as many of the displayed objects interactive and purchasable products. This way you could stroll around the digital retail space and literally discover products ranging from clothes over interior to accessories and leather goods just like you would in a physical store.
Hereby, I hoped to add a level of excitement that comes by strolling through the product range.
However, I learned that the execution of this idea to the described extend would require immense financial backing, which at this point our company is lacking.
Therefore, the idea became a little more commercial.
I have been working with a Graphic Designer on the 3D model of the boutique.
From this digitally designed model we will make perspective pictures of all rooms, which then will create the subpages to the website.
(Example: “Room 1” on the left side will be entered after clicking arrow to the left from homescreen).
We already have all materials required to build the site, we would need help to bring everything together beautifully and though through. Since we created the 3D model offline it will make the job easier to create a three-dimensional feeling to the page. This will be achieved by combining perspective pictures as well as videos of the inside of the space, camera pans which give the customer a better idea of the room + move you from homepage to subpage.
How it works:
Opening Page – like a facade of a physical boutique – Picture File
Portal – after clicking this area, the viewer flies through the layer and enters
a rendered tunnel that brings you to the interior of the shop
(creates spatial feeling) – Video File
Central Room – At the end of the tunnel the viewer will look into a room that
resembles the entrance hall of the shop. The center of the room shows a fountain which on top has a floating JPK Logo. Here you find the general menu (About | Mission | Press | Contact) to further navigate through the space. – Picture File
Additionally, you find 2 arrows pointing to the Left and Right side. These arrows bring you to the Left or Right Wing of the Shop.
Left Wing – In this section you find what would traditionally be called the Lookbook. It contains a hologram station, which projects a Hologram of every Garment/Look into the room.
It is floating on top of the Hologram Station and includes the concept and
descriptions of each Garment.
Now you can take a closer look, zoom in, or rotate the object. The idea is to offer full transparency about the quality and finish of the clothes.
– Picture File. Inserting the 3D Rotation images made with “Webrotate 360 Spot Editor” is the most difficult part here.
Right Wing – This section brings you to an external Page which contains the online shop, run through a pre-build engine like Magento or Shopify. From here it is a simple conservative payment process which I want to be very clean designed, informative and transparent. – Picture File. Needs Magento/Shopify integration
The job will be to connect the visuals through code to create the digital sphere described above.
Many pictures of the garments from our collection are going to be powered through Webrotate360 and one of the main tasks is to implement these 360-degree rotation images into the “Left Wing” in a way that it looks like they are floating on top of the Hologram Station that I mentioned before.
All visuals required for this are in the making and will be finished soon or are finished by now. As I already said I am working with a Graphic Designer/Virtual Artist who creates the 3D Model of the space, which later can be turned into 2D Visuals representing the rooms and sections described above. This also includes the Tunnel visuals, which will work as a video file that operates as a spacer between the first and second page and adds depth to the site.

Team Credits

Jan-Philipp Kosfeld

  • CEO and Creative Director at clothing brand J P K


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Jan-Philipp Kosfeld
CEO and Creative Director at clothing brand J P K