Jaguar Land Rover Concepts

'Amazing Automation' Concept

Car buffs or not, most people know that driving a Jaguar Land Rover vehicle is an exciting experience. So our aim here is to show that careers here are every bit as exciting. There’s so much that people don’t know, and such a big and positive story to tell. There’s a huge business, brimming
with innovation, growth and global ambition. Our headlines do the hard work – opening eyes, revealing facts and showing just how much more there is to Jaguar Land Rover.
The result is a campaign that will first amaze, and then engage.

'How far?' Concept

Whatever their role at Jaguar Land Rover, and wherever in England they work, the ideas our candidates will have and the contribution they’ll make will resonate around the world. This is what it’s like to work for a business as global and ambitious as you are, and it’s the message at the heart of this campaign.

Our visuals bring it all to life. We see iconic cityscapes from around the world, chosen to reflect some of your key markets. With each image, a milometer shows how far the city is from Gaydon – showing clearly that the ideas generated in your UK headquarters are having an impact thousands of miles away.

Team Credits

Keni Wong

  • Message
  • Senior Art Director/Senior Creative

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