Classic and elegance combined with modernity. To get this result, we reached out for ancient symbols, as a cradle of legislation. We connected it with contemporary plastic language. We focused on doing personal tool to contact with customer. We created a.o. official letter model and the way of addressing envelopes and monogram. Originally also stamps to mark correspondence. A series of marks referring to the law. They are synthesized features such as: nobility, justice, bravery and the courage.The embodiment of these qualities is gladiator figure, which was archetype to create emblem. The monogram constitutes emblem in personal identification. Posters to the office, plate to the office door, corporate stationery, letter designs, business card were created (the most refined part of identification was created by using a hot stamping, laminating techniques and printing on gold paper).
Reaching out for antique / Roman imagery as a cradle of lawmaking. Basing on reference to the antique Rome we create an association base. Security, defence, justice. We used the symbols of 
a shield, a sword and a Roman soldier.

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Jerzy Tchórzewski

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