Japanese Art and Heritage Summer Programme

Each year 5 academically exceptional art and archaeology students from around the world are invited to participate in a three-week, fully-funded programme in Japan, hosted by the University of Tokyo and sponsored by the Sainsbury Institute for the study of Japanese Arts and Cultures. Students are exposed to a varietity of sites, collections, and galleries which cover the entire specturum of Japanese history and culture.
The programme is based out of both Tokyo, and Tokoro in Hokkaido, where a large Pre-historic culture was based, and of which the archaeological sites remaining have been an academic focus of the University for some thirty years. Students are invited to take part in excavations with the University, as well as work on conservation of artefacts.
At the end of the programme the students complete criticism of an aspect of the management of heritage and galleries in contemporary Japan, the results of which are then published by the University.

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Bea Hannay-Young

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