JEMIMASARA is a new niche brand that scrutinises the modern day female ideal. JEMIMASARA wants women to be inspired by the message behind the brand: Celebrating the female form and loving themselves just the way they are! Giving confidence, elegance and sophistication through her products, which include, illustrations and clothing.
JEMIMASARA has created humorous illustrations of positive, fun loving and risqué ladies with few boundaries, ladies who love themselves just the way they are!  
JEMIMASARA’s aim is to empower women, give them the confidence to ‘love themselves’, and to ‘love their body’. Help them break free from conformists, control and not conform to modern day stereotypes.   This is the most important value of self-worth, which is forgotten in today’s society.
JEMIMASARA is about more than illustrations and clothing, JEMIMASARA wants to support and celebrate women around the world.  The Brand pushes boundaries with illustrations and through humour, JEMIMASARA wants everyone to feel beautiful, elegant and confident in his or her own right!
Jemima Hand, the creator of JEMIMASARA, is an Artist, Illustrator, Designer and Sculptor living and working in London, UK.
Her work explores the female form, through this she has been inspired to create 'The Martini Lifestyle', and ‘Martini Ladies” illustrations. Her work seeks to find realism within the female form, scrutinising the modern day female ideal alongside the historical influences of female image. Influences from the renaissance divine to pin-ups and the women of ‘The Martini Lifestyle’. The illustrations, drawings and paintings she creates are her own interpretation of how she feels the female body should be observed today.

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Jemima Hand

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