Jigsaw of Identity Luca Indraccolo and Mauro Molle

    “Jigsaw of Identity” a contemporary art exhibition by Luca Indraccolo and Mauro Molle – 10th - 30thJuly 2015. Curated by Miguel Mallol.

    Le Dame Art Gallery at the Melia White House presents a new exhibition, “Jigsaw of Identity”; opening on 10th of July, until the 30th, with artworks by Luca Indraccolo and Mauro Molle’s. .
    The identity itself is going to be deconstructed by two artists: Mauro Molle and Luca Indraccolo. Their research runs around this concept in different ways. Luca talks about cultural identity and problems linked with tradition, religion, habits and personal relations that he still find in Naples, his native city. Luca tries to rub salt in the wound touching controversial keys, using double senses and reinterpreting recognisable icons. Everything is surrounded by mysterious chiaroscuro aura that reminds Caravaggio’s paintings and reinforces its enigmatic effect. Mauro and his deconstructions represent intriguing polyptics, composed by different parts of anonymous individuals, faceless characters whom their body is their language. He talks about contemporary body’s cult and the lost identity as a result to the society. His protagonists experiment extreme sensations, walking through the conscious and dreaming wold, analysing other kind of identity that involve everyone, the feelings that build our character.
    Luca and Mauro propose a jigsaw of identity walking from the physicality of the body to the ideological religion or politic, finishing in the ethereal wold of the dreams.
    Jigsaw of Identity – Luca Indraccolo & Mauro Molle
    10th July – 30nd July 2015

    Le Dame Art Gallery at Meliá White House Hotel
    Albany Street, Regent’s Park
    NW1 3UP

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