Johnnie Walker - The Man Who Documentary (Inside Ideas)

  • Natalie Grover
  • Matthew Wiseman

To raise awareness of Something Originals collaboration with Partizan Films documentary The Man Who Walked Around The World - a history and iconic look back at the history and influence of Johnnie Walker, I worked with the Inside Ideas and Johnnie Walker team on an exciting global content plan to generate intrigue and interest of the feature film by Anthony Wonke. Available online and the Discovery Channel, the initial output of the trailer activity was used to leverage the documentary to drive brand talkability through culturally responsive activity on social. In December, this activity continued to drive awareness of the additional release on Amazon Prime. In addition to the milestones in that plan, we worked with Something Originals to roll out Instagram Story quiz assets to drive interest and maintain a constant ‘buzz’ around the documentary on owned channels. PAID AMPLIFICATION The content plan was supported by paid activity through PHD across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter reaching 18-35 video and entertainment streamers. Activity reached delivered over 7 million impressions on Facebook and Instagram and from an 8 million audience, over 2 million impressions on Twitter to optimise engagement and awareness of the film.

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