Journey ToThe Underworld - Funicular Production

The Greatest Love Story Never Told... ​ As the summer nights drew to a close, Pedley Street Station welcomed guests to witness the greatest love story never told. A Dark Fairytale where fantasy, fear, danger, lust, hope and love await in the world of the Dark One. Guests joined Claude, the shackled conductor, and his lowly assistant Gordy, on a quest for absolution, redemption and eternal love that will take them all the way to the Underworld. Along the way, guests will do their best to outwit the seductive Gatekeeper, the hunched Harbinger, and the damnable Dark One, all the while praying that this isn't a one-way ticket. For Journey To The Underworld, we summoned the other-worldly aid of renowned restaurateur and 2017 MasterChef The Professionals finalist Louisa Ellis. Known for her intense and creative flavours, this very special guest will be designing an imaginatively curated four-course menu fit for all dietary requirements that ties in with the theatrical narrative. Make your halloween extra special this year and buy a ticket to this extraordinary show.