KAWAII NO SHUUKYOU / Religion of Cuteness

What if the economical crisis gets worse and the whole system collapsed. What if human kind goes back to a sustainable way of living in the forest.?
3000 years pass.?
People don’t know a lot about their ancestors. On one day someone finds a Gachapon. Gochapons are little balls contained in a Gochapon machine. The prices variate between ¥100 and ¥500, around €1 - €5. Inside the balls are little high-end toys with a lot of detail. You throw the coin in, turn a button (‘gacha’, ‘gacha’) and the ball will fall out (‘pon’). Imagine someone who lives in a forest finding a Gachapon with a little fantasy creature inside and a glittering wand. This will be unknown for this new thinking humans. Probably they will make stories about these creatures and combine it with the stories they heard about their ancestors.
I would like to put myself in the position of one of these new thinking humans. Actually when I first came to Japan I did not understand all the kawaii (cute) things. All the Gachapon machines. All the notifications of the officials on which you can find kawaii drawings. All the packaging in the supermarket, even though its for older people, they have childish cartoon animals and figures on it. It was really overwhelming.
When I thought about a Neanderthal like person, who will, in 3000 years dig up one of these gatchapons (They don’t perish, it’s plastic). What would they think about this. What would we have thought when we would dig up these kind of fantasy creatures in plastic egg-like balls next to the pyramids for example.
I think they would build shrines for these little creatures, since they would probably think they are magical instead of left behind by the old economical system. They will find out more / making more stories up about the anime Gachapon way of living. Doing tribe dances based on Para-Para dance. Wearing lolita clothes. Offering plastic foods. etc.
Gachapon, kawaii, plastic, purikura, fake sound, cheap, chinese production, japanese cute culture.

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Emma Chipperfield

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Emma Chipperfield
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