Keylea Jaye Pearson-Tompkins

Seed Special in partnership with Stokesley School, North Yorkshire: He killed them. He killed my entire family. And for what reason? A small debt. My family: they weren’t all bad. Yes, they gambled, yes, they drank and yes, they did a few bad things, but they couldn’t help it; they didn’t have control over it. I stood, still, stiller than the moon above my deep-thought-filled head, wondering. Wondering if I should do the same to him - kill his family? The same way that he killed mine? One. By. One. Making it hurt. My mind felt overwhelmed; should I make him go through what I went though, or not? -- A big thank you to Mr Adams from Stokesley School's English Department for inspiring his Creative Writing Club students to contribute to Seed.

Seed by Keylea Jaye Pearson-Tompkins, Year 7. Photograph by Henri Prestes.