ki-FO : yourFoodQuadrats

  • Richa Patidar

Our globalized context can give a sense of lack of control. Issues such as climate change and geopolitics can be intangible and overwhelming. But what we eat is something we have agency, impact, and power over. The ki-FO Project is an attempt at visualizing the scale of impact of food items on the natural environment, to provide explorative information and encourage people to gain knowledge of their diet, to help achieve environmental sustainability and focus on balancing communication and readability with aesthetics and visual appeal.

The ki-FO website is an attempt to create an interactive interface for audience to explore the impacts of the food they eat, on the natural environment. It allows the user to dig deeper into gathering knowledge on the this subject. Users can predict values for each topic using the estimation feature before seeing the actual figures, providing them an insight into some interesting comparisons.

The design of the outcome for the project is determined by the findings of the primary research methods and their analysis using secondary research. The goal throughout this project has been to let people explore the information as a solution for making the right choices.