Kickstarter Project: Brighton & Hove short film

  • Sheridan Seraphin
  • Aysha Choudhury

I am incredibly excited to announce that we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for our upcoming short film, 'Brighton & Hove'! 'Brighton & Hove' is a punk noir heist thriller about a criminal couple who travel from London to Brighton to perform a dangerous, high stakes heist while navigating through obstacles and brutal patriarchal forces which threaten to stop them. This film has been a year in the making and is an original, tension filled picture that not only invites audience participation, but actually forces it. The film stars a roster of wonderful, upcoming and diverse actors such as Hannah Cauchi and Micha Richardson as 'Brighton' and 'Hove' respectively. It also features an adrenaline pumping soundtrack by the incredible music composer Annabel Steele. We also have a range of exciting rewards for our backers at every level, many of which are eco friendly and sustainable. Stay tuned for further details over the course of the next few days! Until then, enjoy the artwork by talented Aysha Choudhury.