Kickstarter Project update 1: 'Brighton & Hove' short film

  • Sheridan Seraphin
  • Aysha Choudhury

Our Kickstarter campaign for 'Brighton & Hove' is now live! Are are incredibly thrilled to have come this far from conception to potentially making this very original, bold film a reality. However, the real hard work starts now, and in order to reach our funding goal of £8,000, we need your help. Not only do we have some exciting rewards for our backers, but we are confident that should we get the opportunity to make this film, you will have never seen anything like it before. 'Brighton & Hove' is an experience, a sensuous, punk noir heist thriller that forces the audience to become a participant in ways most films do not. Consider backing and supporting this bold film and you will be rewarded in more ways than one. A link to the campaign can be found here: