KIKO COSMETICS christmas campaign

Christmas campaign for KIKO COSMETICS, italian company for make-up products.
Christmas time is The Magic Time of the year, it's a special moment where everything might happen, where dream and reality become a unique dimension.
In this intersection of tangible and imagination Kiko woman can experience her surreal dream and find the best expression of herself. The sense of surreality is represented through the extension of the mind which connects her intimate dimension with the external world. The reflections recall the optical distortions of the reality, creating an atemporal and aspational landscape.
The result is a bizarre, dreamlike, unconscious dimension, where the woman can be at the same time dreamy and resolute, feminine and futurist.
The packaging uses the holographic paper to emphasizes the moirè effect. While the geometry and lacquer give a premium effect to the secondary packaging, the primary one uses the holographic print to recall the external graphics.
Product name and company brand are realized with the hot printing, in warm gold colour.
The core idea is reproduced in different contexts and formats: primary and secondary packagings, display, billboard, video, website, app.
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