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Client Brief: Public Source, Then There Was Us Within the brief of Kindship I was drawn to themes of community, brotherhood, race, identity, class and family. I started exploring men who grew up together and their common means of escape. Football. I wanted to represent a minority and give a voice to those often overlooked in society so I focused on a small group of boys, who share the same narrative, from my hometown Hackney in London and explored what community and family means to them and the role football played in their lives to keep them out of trouble. I looked at the obsession with, and glamorisation of gang culture in the media and popular culture, always from assumed information, and how I could do the opposite. By showing them in a different light, I have aimed to reconstruct the identity given to them by society through my photography, interviews and overall portrayal of them. I wanted to hear from real people with real experiences and show them how they want to be seen and not how society wants them to be seen. Photography, Interviews and Curation by: Ella Kenneally

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