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  • Aisha Waheeb

Hi there, I've made this information pack for you to know what I can do for your business as your next VA and/or SMM. Firstly I hope you're well and keeping safe! With the pandemic, I know a lot of businesses are under a lot of pressure with administrative tasks, finding solutions to connect to customers efficiently, rescheduling important dates, and probably even more adaptions to your workday. I can imagine you've been stressed out and tired. Hopefully, before you reach burnout, we'll be able to work together. So what is it I do? - Helping with administrative and social media tasks so you can focus on creative and fun projects for your business. - Gives you more time to focus on upscaling your business. I will manage the regular tasks meaning you can have more time to focus on expansion. - Reduced Workload: As a business owner your schedule is considerably packed, as your VA and/or SMM I can help take over those tasks. - More Work Less Time: By outsourcing regular tasks, you'll have more time in your day to solely focus more on family, friends, and expanding your network. - Improve your Online Presence: Increasing the frequency of your posts on social media, will strengthen your brand identity significantly. As your Social Media Manager, I'd focus on engagement and customer relations. - Social Media Strategy: This is vital for any successful business, social media is expanding every day with more options for businesses every year. I'd work with your business goals in mind.


I'm Aisha! I'm a 22-year-old Virtual Assistant (VA) and Social Media Manager (SMM) working in London. I've been working on social media for the past year and a half, mainly freelancing with local businesses to helping as a Virtual Assistant + Social Media Manager.

Other than working online - which i love! I enjoy cooking and have recently taken up baking. I like to get out as often as possible exercising or taking long walks.

Nice to meet you!
If you're wondering what services I offer, they have all been listed below.

For any inquiries, you can follow me on my Social Media @K1wiCreates

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