• Maral Pourkazemi

Koodeta — by womxn for womxn — is the first underground London-grown safe-rave-space where sound system and empowerment of female-identifying talent is at the heart of each event. It's our duty to offer a series that highlights the female-identifying talent, exhibits interactive art and design, provides unrivaled sound and gives womxn of all orientations a picture-free safe environment to be who they want to be.

ABOUT KOODETA: 1/6 — SOUND The blend of intimate-sized dancefloors and a bespoke massive Funktion One rig that stays constantly fine-tuned throughout the night has been acclaimed to be one of the best sound experiences in London. Our sound engineers with decades of experience in different terrains and music genres always craft impeccable & adaptive sound. 2/6 — WOMXN Koodeta was an idea made a reality by three queer best friends who have a deep passion for intelligent and progressive techno journies. To highlight female-identifying talent in a male-dominated industry, behind the scenes & behind the decks, is not only a requirement but a mission to inspire and empower each other. 3/6 — MUSIC Koodeta's lineups are selected with great care to ensure that the entire night feels like a progressing journey. Whether it's experimental live performances, industrial-tinged techno or groove ladened back-to-backs, you will feel a wide spectrum of electronic rhythms throughout the event. We dance, we listen, we care. *4/6 — RAVERS Since it's in the name—by womxn for womxn—the majority of ravers are always going to be womxn. We want to make sure that trans ravers & individuals from all minority communities are explicitly invited and welcome with arms wide open! You will find a small number of cis men in attendance, who have to be previously vetted, personally known & introduced to the organisers. We as a collective do not discriminate by gender or sexuality. We expect the same from all attending ravers. **5/6 — SAFE-RAVE-SPACE We operate a strict no-picture policy for two reasons: privacy & connectivity. Privacy: We as organisers, with different cultural backgrounds, know what it's like wanting to stay out of pictures at events like these. Whether you're "out and proud", curious, or in the process of discovering your true self, we want you to feel safe, anxiety-free, happy and relaxed while you're dancing or busy doing other things you don't want the world to know. Privacy is the magic ingredient to create an intimate, truly free and music-centric environment. Connectivity: in this hyper-connected digital world — where nobody is genuinely in touch with the self and their peers — we've created a space to encourage you to truly connect by disconnecting from your digital urges. No pictures or words can describe the sense of freedom and respect this rule creates. ***6/6 — GOOD VIBES ONLY We reserve the right to reject or remove individuals that we believe aren't attending with intentions of respect, consent, love and good vibes. We as a collective do not discriminate by gender.