Kopenhagen // The Crispness Expert

  • Cezar Coscelli

“A simple and addictive game that made Kopenhagen’s the most active fb page. In its first month.”

We had this huge challenge, to start from scratch the facebook page for a new client. To do so we had to use the launch of 4 new versions of Lajotinha, a classic. Daring, we decided to completely change the traditional way Kopenhagen was communicating with its audience. Rodrigo came with the insight of the crispness of Lajotinha as its main feature, which worked out nicely for what we were thinking. With the crispness in mind, I thought of a game where fans of the brand had to distinguish the different sounds produced by each new format. I sat with Vini and Julio and thought about the mood that all this would have. As we talked, Vini was sketching the ideas. In less than two weeks we approved it all with the client and got it done, and so the game was in the air. A Crispness Expert would be awarded every hour for 20 days. The fans played, and the one that discovered the distinctive sounds of the new versions faster every hour earned a Lajotinha kit to know the new formats of the Classic. The game was a huge success, and reached nearly 35,000 fans on Facebook in less than a month. Kopenhagen's facebook fanpage was the more engaging and active in Brazil during the whole month in which the activation took place.

Agency // Player (Naked Brazil) My role // concept, creative idea, copywriting Credits // Vini, Julio, Amaral, Lucas, Pedreira

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