"L.A.Y., Look At Yourself" (a branding project)

  • Alessia Baranzini

Final project for the course "Innovative textile technologies" Field of studies: Fibre, textiles and artistic textures NABA , New Academy of Fine Arts Milan, 2019 Professor Mr. PILLA G. Final branding project for textiles "LAY, Look at yourself": a new brand for beachwear and underwear that, combining cosmetic textiles and new dermoprotective technologies, and thus creating a synthesis between the fashion sector and the medical area, gives life to garments able to offer comfort and protection to women with scars from surgical operations and anticancer treatments without forcing them to renounce to love their body, feel beautiful and express their style. LAY acronym mean "look at yourself" which can be interpreted as a call to "take care of yourself" but also to "look at yourself" with confidence and love, without feeling ashamed for your body or your life story. Campaign claim: "You are the challenges you overcome" This is a branding project for a new type of textile product; however, a series of models of garments are also suggested, e.g bikinis useful for covering and protecting certain points on the body, e.g. breast- kidneys-etc. which more frequently suffer wounds or operations and more frequently have scars.